Custom screen printing featuring designs created just for your organization.

In-House Custom Services

From large international businesses to local schools or charities, no order is too big for us to handle. From the bagging and tagging to barcoding and drop shipping, we custom screen print in-house to ensure that you’re getting the highest quality garments out there.

Screen Printing

Whether we are helping you to create your design or printing a design you have already chosen, our ink sits well on the fabric without being heavy or peeling off. Choose from a wide variety of inks and materials.


Let our embroidery team mark your T-shirt, hat, or other material with a high-fidelity embroidered design of your choice. Our thread has excellent color pigmentation that withstands the test of time.

Barcoding & SKU

Save yourself the time and tedium that comes with getting your product ready for sale via your POS. Let us take care of all these important details!

Tagging & Bagging

Don’t forget about the details! Complete your product with a customized tag baring your brand name and logo. Receive your finalized product ready to go in an individualized package that you can easily sell to customers or give to your team.

Fulfillment & Drop Shipping

If you’re ordering your items retail, we’re take care of the order fulfillment after your customers place an order. If you’re a wholesale client, we stock your items for you and handle it all: printing in advance and orders from customers, as well as fulfillment.

Our Inks & Processes

Choose from a broad selection of professional and fun inks and styles.

Traditional, versatile ink that can be printed on a wide variety of materials.

Glitter & Metallic
Bring your design to life with a little glitz.

Print a surprise into your shirt.

Solar Reactive
Great for children, these fun inkschange color in the sun.

Foil Printing
Get a classy, metallic look that lasts forever.

Process Printing
Reach the perfect color in four careful processes.

Velvet Ink Printing
Add some texture to your design with gorgeous, velvet printing.

Puff Ink Printing
Kid-approved ink that stands out.

Our Process

Learn about our process, technique and how we achieve an amazing high quality print each time.

1. Creating Your Design

The process begins when you send us your design or have us create one for you. If you’re sending one to us, make sure your file is the correct size, that it’s set up in spot color, and that all fonts are outlined to ensure that they print correctly.

2. Your Image on Screen

Next, we burn your design from the transparent print-out to a screen using emulsion liquid. We use a machine to dry the emulsion as quickly as possible.

3. Getting the Ink Right

With strong attention to getting the perfect match, our team blends inks to create your ink tones. This is the part where we spend extra time getting it right, relying on a special ink mixer that ensures our accuracy.

4. Inking and Drying

Time to bring your brand to life! Our team places your shirt on the press, aligns it using special tools, and then manually applies the ink. We carefully review each shirt once it’s been inked to make sure there are no imperfections before throwing it in an industrial designer.

5. Packing and Shipping

Whether you’re requested customized tagging, bagging into individualized packages that are ready for customers to purchase, or barcoding and SKU processing, we’ve got you covered on the important finishing steps that make all the difference to your workflow. Then, it’s out the door and headed your way.

Get fast shipping, personalized service, and wholesale prices from a family-owned business who cares about getting it right for your cause.

Our work begins the moment you call.

Once we determine your needs, we get started by carefully hand-making your custom screen and begin printing your order right here in Springfield. We can’t wait to meet you!